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Smartliv Home Service Providers

  • Elevation is a fully integrated home energy solutions company. Elevation strives to help residents change the way they think and use energy to live more comfortably, improve our environment, and save money on the monthly utility cost. Generating renewable energy from the sun is easier than ever, thanks to solar tax credits, improved technology, and Elevation’s fully integrated team that works with you not just from start to finish, but every day thereafter.

  • In just one year, Elevation users helped to avoid 128,738 tons of CO2 or the equivalent of 43.8 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled, 28 vehicles not driven, and 14 million gallons of gasoline not used.

  • SmartRent is a smart home automation solution provider. Our proprietary software integrates with third-party hardware and other software vendors to provide users with one platform to efficiently manage and remotely control IoT connected devices in a home or building.

  • Esusu is the leading financial technology platform leveraging data to empower renters and improve property performance. The Esusu platform provides rent reporting, rich property management analytics, and rental assistance unlocking financial access and stability for renters and property owners alike.

  • Esusu has three primary lines of the business:

    • Esusu’s core product is a rotational savings smartphone application that allows you to form groups of trusted friends and family, pool capital, and take turns withdrawing from this pot to make ‘big ticket’ purchases such as a down payment on a house, launching a business, or travel. These transactions are reported into the credit bureaus to help you establish and build credit.

    • Esusu offers a rental data reporting service to build credit through partnering with property managers and public housing authorities or working directly with consumers. The resident's payment history is reported to the credit bureaus as less than 1% of credit files include rent, yet it is most people’s largest and most consistent payment.

    • Esusu delivers financial literacy content to colleges and universities to better prepare students to manage their personal finances post-graduation. Esusu focuses on a high engagement model rather than electronic or modular content.

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